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Quotes from the Nuremberg Trials

Quotes from the Nuremberg Trials

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Surviving Nazi leaders were put on trial at Nuremberg in 1946. In the trials that followed Nazi leaders had the opportunity to express their beliefs and what they said has been wel documented.

“So much toilet paper.” - Goering's reference to pre-war diplomatic treaties.

“A victor's justice” - Goering's view of the proceedings

“So grotesque and preposterous are the principle characters in this galaxy of clowns and crooks that none but a thrice double ass could have taken them for rulers.” Officer in the Allied Control Commission.

“Why don't you just shoot us?” Unknown Nazi war criminal

“Stand up Funk! Be a man, Funk.” Interrogation of Walther Funk, Nazi economist by Colonel Andrus.

“It was the virtue of the Nuremberg trial that it was conceived in hatred of war, and nutured by those straved of peace. Of course, the trial was botched and imperfect… it had to deal with new crimes for whixh there was no provision in national law or international law.” Rebecca West.

“Death, death. Now I won't be able to write my beautiful memoirs.” Ribbentrop

“Death by hanging. That, I thought, I would be spared.” Keitel

“I die innocent. The verdict is wrong.” Sauckel


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